FAQ - Cap & Gown

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Where do I pick up my cap, gown, tassel and medallion unit?
Whether you order your cap, gown, tassel and medallion unit online, in our office or at your school, it will be delivered to your school 2 - 3 days before graduation. You will be notified of this date.

When do I receive my announcements and announcement individual items?
You will receive your items within 4 weeks of graduation.

When do I receive my GradPAK items?
If you order your GradPAK online you can pick it up in the VIP LINE on our next scheduled order day. If you order your GradPAK at school you will receive the items that day.

Why should I order my GradPAK online?
You WON'T have to wait in line at school!!! There will be a special VIP LINE for students who purchase their items online. The cap and gown unit will be delivered to your school 2 -3 days before your graduation.

Do I get to keep my cap/gown?
At MOST schools the gown is a rental. HOWEVER, you will get to keep your cap, tassel, and medallion.

What measurements do you need from me?
We only need your height (do not include height in heels) and weight. The cap is now one size fits all.

How can I get a refund for my cap and gown if I don't graduate?
You need to email us at refund@hjbroward.com with your name, school, home address and how your placed your order (online, at school or in our office). Request must be submitted before the beginning of the next school year. Refunds are given to students that do not pass the 12th grade. If you pass and choose not to walk, you are entitled to your cap, tassel and medallion.